Using MoonClerk with Squarespace

Moonclerk recently asked me to write a post for them on integrating their services with Squarespace and I thought I'd share it here as well.

Hi there, this is Rick Champlin from Simple Group and MoonClerk asked me to do a quick tutorial on using their product with your SquareSpace site.

For starters you need to have prepared a form within your MoonClerk account.  Once you have a saved form, it is really as easy as copying and pasting some code into your site.

I've recorded a quick walkthrough for you, or you can go through my tutorial below. 

Let's get started:
From the form page select “Use” from the menu.

MoonClerk 1

There are a few different options for embedding your form onto your site.  You can place a link on your site, you can embed a payment form on your website, and you can embed a button onto your site.


Once you have copied the code from your desired option, head over to your SquareSpace site where you will embed the form, button, or link.


Once you've navigated to the Content Manager and selected the page where you want the form to appear.  Paste the code you've copied from MoonClerk into a Code Block and click the Save button.  Being that the code contains javascript you won't be able to see the form within the content editor, but it will be rendered on the front end of your site once you navigate to the designated page.


I did some editing within the theme option in MoonClerk to make the form match the style of my site, but here is an example of what your form will look like on your site.

And that's how you can use MoonClerk with your Squarespace site.