Working on my first eBook

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I recently was thinking of ways that I could make some side money (I'm always looking for ways to make more money).  The money itself isn't what is important to me, it's the ability to have enough money to sustain myself and my family, provide for our needs, and give back to society.  When you are self employed, you are always looking for ways to make what you do sustainable.

I've often read about writing eBooks as a way to make some extra money.  Everyone has some information to share that if shared in the correct way, with good pricing strategy, and good marketing, that can provide enough value to someone for them to pay for it.  I don't know if anyone will be willing to pay for mine, but it's all about experimenting and innovating.  If you don't push yourself to try new things, if you are held back by fear or worry, your business is unlikely to be sustainable, at least for very long.

So I'm going to be writing my first informational eBook.  The idea came to me last night while I was laying in bed to share the techniques that I've used to have a continuous flow of people wanting me to apply for their jobs on oDesk.  Currently over 50% of my income comes from oDesk clients and that number is increasing.  You could look at my profile and see the amount of work I've been doing and think, "dang, he doesn't make very much money if that's over 50%" and you'd be right, I don't.  But while it's over 50% of my income, it's only 25% of my time.  

Once I achieved one thing related to my profile, it made a night and day difference for me.  Once I had that on thing, requests for me to apply for jobs came piling in at a rate of 3-5 a day.  I rarely go searching for work anymore as most of it comes to me on it's own.  That is a huge part of building a sustainable business, a constant flow of customers that are wanting you to work for them.  Even after raising my rates, the requests are still coming in.

This is the main topic I'm going to address in my eBook and explain how to get results and start having the clients flowing to you.

Look for it coming out in the next week or two.